I am Karin

Who are you?

I take pictures and I write. Every day again I see so much beauty I want to capture. The interaction between people. The true passion when someone follows his or her dreams. The gorgeousness of nature. Real raw life.

I firmly believe that we are capable to make the world even more beautiful every day. By being kind to one another and to ourselves. By taking care of our enviroment. By really looking and seeing how much potential surrounds us. By connecting with each other.

What do you dream about? I would love to hear. Let’s connect and form a strong, unbreakable chain of people all through the world. A connection with likeminded men and women who all believe that the world is a beautiful place that should be cherished and taken care of. A chain of reason, a chain of kindness. A chain of creativity and love.

Will you join me?

I look and marvel

An idealist. A dreamer. That’s what I am called a lot. It doesn’t matter to me. Because look around and really feel. Aren’t you in awe? I sometimes have to pinch myself to make sure I am really awake. Sometimes life is beautiful. Sometimes it is scary. Always it’s overwhelmingly real. Life is art. Life is a dream.  Let’s live it to the fullest.

I take pictures

Pouring dreams into creativity, emotions into images, capturing and portraying that exchange of glances between two people, the passion of a creative , the gorgeousness of life as it truly is. I love doing that.

It lets butterflies do little happy dances in my stomach.

I write

There aren’t enough words to really tell about life.  The beauty and the scary parts. The passion and the joy. The creativity and plans. The raw pain and amazing growth. It is more than words can capture. But I like to give it a try. To tell the real story. Mine… and yours.

Discover Who You Are, Confident in your identity

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