Making presents, writing cards, decorating with washi tape, it is keeping her quite busy these days. At the end of her school year, and the end of her first school career (next year it is high school for her, and she cannot wait!), there are loads of parties to attend, there is a musical to practice for (something I help with, by studying with the children and helping them learn their lines and acting. It is a massive and such a fun job. But that is something for another day) and trips and camps to go on.

I made her a dress for her own birthday party, which is in a week, for which she had some very specific wishes, namely a halter, and I couldn’t find a pattern for it, so I drew it myself. I basically put some cotton fabric on her body, drew the pattern pieces on them, and then cut them out. I am pretty sure that that is not the correct way to do it, but it worked rather well, although it helped that the fabric is a very flimsy jersey, which is a pain to sew, but it is forgiving in the fitting area.

It is not finished though, almost, but not completely, so photographs have to wait for another day as well, because my bed is beckoning, and today I am going to be a good girl and listen.

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